Tan Rx is the only destination in the Edmond/Oklahoma City metro area offering a professional heated spray tan, located inside the office of The Aesthetic Group. Using a patented heated technology ensures a smooth, comfortable, goose bump free application. It is the first and only on the market. No suffering through freezing tanning sessions! Our approach is to give clients the best available custom tan containing safe, high quality ingredients, in a clean and professional environment.
We’re not just a tanning salon. We are part of The Aesthetic Group, a place designed to provide medical consultation for your skin and body. Tan confidently knowing that you will be recieving the best products in a professional environment.
All of our solutions contain ingredients that are actually good for your skin. They are infused with tea tree oil, jojoba seed oil, argan oil, aloe vera, grape seed oil and green tea as well as odor neutralizing technology. This gives a beautiful tan that moisturizes, looks natural, lasts longer, and fades evenly. The solutions are vegan, paraben free, non-comedogenic, cruelty free, and wheat free.
What to expect at your appointment:
Each 25 minute tanning appointment begins by consulting with one of our professional spray tan artists. Tanning solution should not be one size fits all. Skin types and undertones vary with each individual as does the desired depth of color. Each spray tan session is specifically formulated for you.
Every session includes a ph balancing prep spray, post-treatment moisturizing spray, and drying powder. After research and experimentation perfecting the process, these additional steps are vital in providing the best possible tan. These extra steps are included at no additional cost.
The 4 step process begins with:

1. Ph Balancing Prep Spray balances out the Ph level of skin ensuring an even application. Think of it as a primer for your spray tan!

2. Customized Tanning Solution is individually mixed based on your desired depth of color and skin tone

3. Post-Treatment Moisturizing Spray contains aloe vera and additional DHA to help lock in your tan. Leaves skin feeling supple and moisturized ensuring radiant, longer lasting results.

4. Drying Powder is an all natural finishing powder that helps dry and set your tan as well as eliminating the post spray stickiness and further diminishing any odors. The powder helps minimize the solution from getting on your clothes, vehicle, etc. It is hypoallergenic, talc and paraben free.

All 3 solutions are applied with our revolutionary heated handheld spray gun. The heated application is delivered with a gentle flow of warm air from the gun in addition to being infused directly in the solution. This keeps you warm and comfortable during the entire process. It dries faster so you can get dressed sooner.
tan rx heated spray tan

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