Meet Dr. Gary Hill

Plastic Surgery

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Trained in both Otolaryngology (head and neck surgery) and Plastic Surgery at The University of Texas Southwestern and University of Kansas, respectively, Dr. Hill has been part of the medical community in the greater Oklahoma City area for over 25 years.

Dr. Hill’s specialties include both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, specifically rhinoplasty, eyelid lifts, breast enhancement and body sculpting including “mommy makeovers.”

Respected by patients and peers alike, Dr. Hill practices primarily in Edmond and Ponca City and holds leadership positions at the hospitals with which he is affiliated. His “high touch” reputation and personalized approach contribute to his practice being almost entirely referral based.

“I love what I do… year after year. I get to help people in all stages of life regardless of age or sex.”

Dr. Gary Hill

“I like what I do… year after year. I get to help people in all stages of life regardless of age or sex.” – Dr. Gary Hill, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Some people must come see me with a referral from their primary care physician or dermatologist. These patients have serious issues that must be dealt with promptly. Other patients want to see me as a plastic surgeon because there’s something they’re not happy with.

Dr. Hill originally wanted to be a dentist like his father. He applied and was accepted to the University of Baylor Dental School. It was during this time he reconsidered dentistry and scheduled the MCAT exam wanting to be a medical doctor. After the completion of the first year of dental school, Hill applied and was accepted to the University of Oklahoma’s Medical School.

Dr. Hill recognized a keen interest in head and neck medical practice and received facial plastic training as part of the otolaryngology program at Parkland Hospital in Dallas. Following this training, he entered a residency in plastic surgery at the University of Kansas Medical School. He found himself as a type of mentor to his fellow students and younger members of the teaching staff… due to being 40 years old when this training began.

Throughout Dr. Hill’s training and practice, the principal objective is to keep every effort geared to the patient and their needs. One of his recent surgical patients from western Oklahoma was surprised when he called and checked on her the night following surgery. She says, “He answered all her questions prior to surgery making my husband and me much more confortable. He is a skilled physician and family man… who takes great care of his patients.”

All this history keeps pointing to the passion that keeps Dr. Hill saying, “I like what I do.”

Special Recognition

Dr. Hill has been chosen by his physician peers at the OU Medical Center Edmond to serve as:

  • Chief of the Surgery Department
  • Chief of Staff
  • Member of the Hospital Board
  • President of the Hospital Board


  • University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center – M.D.
  • University of Texas Health Sciences Center (Parkland Hospital) – Surgical Internship
  • Otolaryngology Head, Neck, Facial Plastic Surgery Residency
  • University of Kansas – Plastic Surgery Residency
  • Oklahoma State University – Bachelor of Arts