Laser Treatments

Your anti-aging and more.

Achieve flawless skin through the power of Aerolase Laser Treatments.

The Aesthetic Group is proud to offer Aerolase. These laser treatments have the ability to improve what’s working for you, fixe what isn’t, and even give you the power to address concerns you may not currently be treating. The outcome is a modern patient-provider experience that is more personalized and more enjoyable with incomparable results.

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Neo Elite by Aerolase®

The Neo Elite by Aerolase® is a new method of acne treatment that uses unique laser technology to gently deliver powerful energy for quick, side-effect-free results. The no-touch laser puts acne treatment in your hand by:

  • Reducing sebum production by heating the sebaceous gland.
  • Reducing inflammation by coagulating the capillaries.
  • Reducing P. acnes bacteria by destroying colonization through superheating.

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