Interview with Cindy

Interview with Cindy


cindy nickel aesthetics oklahoma

Injectable IQ

The Intelligent Approach to Enhancement

“It’s a myth that cosmetic enhancement through injectables is somehow unnatural. Aging with injectables IS aging gracefully.”

This summer Cindy Nickel celebrates a new location and the 20-year anniversary of Cindy Nickel Aesthetics.

Cindy is one of few registered nurses in the nation who can claim the distinction of being an expert injector and trainer for the Allergan Medical Institute, putting her among the elite in her specialty.

Her busy practice is a testimony to the skill and experience that sets her apart in a wildly competitive arena where Botox and fillers have become commoditized.

What makes Cindy Nickel Aesthetics “best in class”? A quick Q&A revealed the secret ingredients to her success.

Tell us a little bit about your practice:

My practice is located in Edmond, Oklahoma and I office with Dr. Gary Hill, a board certified plastic surgeon. I specialize in injectables for the face, neck and body.

I treat both men and women and my current patients range in age from 18 to 87. Rejuvenation used to be synonymous with reaching that “40 something” milestone. That’s not the case anymore.

Today we have millennials in their late 20’s and early 30’s talking about “pre-juvenation” to get ahead of the aging curve or simply enhance some of their features.

Also, people well into retirement who want to counteract the clock. I see most of my patients several times a year, so I get to enjoy developing relationships with them.

How does having the credential of R.N. influence your approach?

Being a registered nurse brings incredible value to every patient I treat. My medical training and background is critical when dealing with people with pre-existing conditions, any medications, analyzing their anatomy and minimizing risk of side effects.

Just because you can get Botox and fillers anywhere doesn’t mean they are harmless. In fact, there are very real complications including tissue necrosis, vein occlusion and even blindness.

My nursing foundation keeps me vigilant because I know what can happen in the wrong hands. Continuing education is also a big deal in this specialty because so many new products and procedures are coming to market.

I attend 2-4 symposiums a year focused on keeping physicians, dermatologists, nurses and other practitioners current. My patients are getting the benefit of the latest vetted products and techniques.

Walk us through the first consultation with a patient:

The first thing I do is have a prospective patient explain their concerns about their appearance and describe what they think they need.

The second step is getting photos of their face and neck taken from every angle. We review the photos together. Almost always there is a surprise. How we see ourselves in a mirror is vastly different than how the camera “sees” us.

Photos are a great communication tool and an objective way to begin developing a treatment plan. Each patient has a chart that is updated during every visit.

I feel it’s important to meet people where they are and what I mean by that is I make myself hyper aware of how slowly or quickly they want to go with the plan. It’s OK to do incremental enhancements over time, starting with what bothers them most.

Everyone fears looking “overdone.” How do you manage that fear?

It’s a reasonable fear to have when you see even celebrities who can afford the best, looking frozen or bizarre. But I ask people to consider the hundreds of people they don’t notice who have had something “done.

It doesn’t have to be obvious… and it shouldn’t be. A better word than “overdone” is “out of proportion.”

Foreheads and brows that are expressionless or eyes that squint because cheeks are overfilled, or lips becoming a distracting focal point of a face —these are all telltale signs that one feature was taken out of context and “fixed.”

That is why going to a practitioner who has an aesthetic, holistic sense is a gift.

What do you do to keep patients comfortable?

We recognize that one of the biggest fears prospective patients have is pain. Because of that we spend at least 20 minutes numbing the areas that will be affected.

I inject very slowly and carefully to discourage trauma and bruising. We have special patches that help reduce swelling and bruising—better than ice. Usually people are pleasantly surprised at how little they feel.

What do you want to be sure people know about your specialty?

The primary thing to take note of is you are NOT buying a product. You are paying for expertise in application. A lot of injectors are out there chasing lines.

My approach is more about educating people on the aging process, so they understand why they have a line, a crease, thinning lips, flat cheeks, a jowl. I can subtly improve these signs of aging without changing how someone looks.

What is your philosophy about aging naturally vs. aging with injectables?

Growing old gracefully is different than it used to be. Aging with injectables IS aging gracefully.

There is nothing romantic about looking old and it’s a myth that cosmetic enhancement through injectables is somehow unnatural. An in-depth knowledge of the products available coupled with precision, expertise and artistry make all the difference.

cindy nickel aesthetics oklahoma

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